Any Time You Can Make the Choice Be Sure to Take the Stairs

The climate around the internet can be overwhelming.  You look around and you see all the shiny happy people taking the most beautiful pictures and offering the most wonderful portrayals of these fantastic lives.  So fabulous are these portrayals that you start to wonder if the recession is over?  Has everyone found a job?  Have we all gotten back to that magical lucrative place where we can buy buy buy without any thoughts of budget or future earnings?  

And if you are running a business online you would think that this magic kingdom is THE PLACE to make so much money.  Get on board!  Buy this information product! Run your ad here!  Connect with this person or tweet at that person and PRESTO you have a successful track in place and most importantly you will be set for life monetarily.  

I have been online since 2008 and have seen some average people become media superstars.  And I KNOW that this did not happen overnight.  They worked hard and make sound strategic decisions and yes had some chance conversations with people who saw something in them and it helped them to move along on their course slow and steady.  I remember when Tara Gentile took over Scoutie Girl.  I actually had an ad running on the blog the month she took it over.  I remember when the buzz began to build around Danielle LaPorte

This past week I made a commitment to going back to the basics in my writing.  I think a writer's greatest asset is to read other works and continue to challenge one's thinking so that we have a fresh perspective.  I picked up a book called Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden because the title alone struck a chord in me.  Quite frankly I think we have forgotten how to do the hard work, put in our paces, live lean and do the grunt work to really build something of value in the online world.

For me this is helping me to hone what my life coaching services look like.  I will not take a gig with someone when I know I am not the best fit for them.  The life coaching space is way too sacred for me.  I want to do good in the world with my work but not at the expense of my core values.

What about you: 

In what area of your life do you need to hunker down, steel up, do the hard work and take the stairs?

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