Do you Struggle with Self Rejection?

"The greatest trap in life is not success, popularity or power, but self rejection, doubting who we truly are." - Henri Nouwen

I have this habit of moving from project to project. Starting well, finishing well.  Looking back over the last 7 years I have at least a page full of accomplishments.  Things that I moved into that helped me to become a competent blogger, run a pretty good social media campaign, create many online businesses.  But I am finding lately that these have become trappings.  I feel like a web of accomplishments are now moving in and threatening to squash while I really want; who I really am.  What if all these things were simply diversions as opposed to stepping stones toward something? What if what I am really longing for which is to become the one God sees me to be has been lost in the activity?  Why am I afraid to stop and take an account of who I really am?  The answer for me is self rejection.

I wonder how you define self rejection and how it might be manifesting in your life today.

So here is the Linger question:

Do you struggle with self rejection?  If so in what area of your life does it have its grip right now?

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