Self Portrait

The last few weeks have been filled with preparing as a family to have a son in the military.  My oldest came to stay with us for his last two weeks before boot camp.  It was an interesting time for he and I since he moved out when he was 18. Now at 23 both he and I have changed quite a bit.  The person he knows now as his mother is incredibly different from the one he grew up with.  I was in no way exercising my creative life in the way I am now.  So we spent much of the time trying to figure out how to find some common ground on which to communicate.  There were moments where it seemed too hard to find the space and it would have been so easy to think why try since he is leaving in a matter of days.  But if you know me, you know that was not a viable option.

So one went off to boot camp last week and one is off to first grade this week.  It has been such a challenge to find a way to be a mama in two different developmental stages. I credit healthy living, an open heart and prayer filled expectancy as reasons I am even able to give my all when it feels like there is not much left to give.

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