What is One Dumb Thing You Used to Believe

Did you know I have a website filled with articles to help you with your small business?  On that blog I took the time to answer Danielle LaPorte's Series of Questions (YOU KNOW how I love a good question!).

Here is one from the archives:

This is my submission to Danielle LaPorte's Burning Question:

What's one dumb thing you used to believe?

I used to think that if you just want something bad enough, it will come together "somehow."  But as I have held onto dreams that have never come true and as I have been a part of collaborations that I hoped would turn themselves around (but never did) I have come to realize that you have to know when to say "when."  You have to know when to say enough is ENOUGH.  This is not going to happen.  Make peace with it.  Move on.  Learn from it.  Mourn it if you need to.  But let it go.

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