What Your Heart Sees...

My art supply area..

the view outside my living room window...

I will admit it.  When I snapped this picture I was caught off guard by the beauty outside this window.  I was just attempting to get a glimpse of what is making me happy lately... hope filled, wonder full art.

So when I saw the view after I snapped the picture, I actually gasped! Look how amazing that view is.  Who would not be inspired by looking at the view day after day? 

I realize that I am TRYING HARD NOT TO take in the beautiful spring here in Colorado.  I am making sure not to let my heart soften.  Because what the view does not tell you is that I am many times in isolation.  It is a mountain town I live in and differences are not really EMBRACED HERE.  So while I coped with it just fine for the first few months (this is not the first time I have had to find peace in isolation) I am now coming to month 9 of this way of living and I am READY TO GO.  Ready to find my tribe.  Ready to take all that I learn in isolation and engage with the world.  

I see the view and there are moments where I let the beauty wash over me.  But then I go back to my countdown: 29 days until I move on. 

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