When A Storm Hits Your Life, Will you Be Able to Stand?

I have spent that last few months deeply connecting with the what's next of my life.  Since 2008 I have thrown my heart into the "idea" of becoming an entrepreneur without a net.  The ups and downs of researching new ideas have truly been the most fulfilling and the most tiring experiences of my life.  

My calling as an entrepreneur came together because my life called for it.  As a military wife with a deployed husband, I wanted to be home with my toddler.  And somehow year after year we found a way to make it work and my businesses brought in a supplemental income.

2012 was supposed to be the year that we finally became credit card debt free (school loans... well that's the next step).  Then the tides changed.  My husband was unemployed for 7 months.  So as we watched our savings dwindle the priority became survival.  

In less than 60 days we will be heading back to Arizona.  My hubby took another gig with the military.  And here we are as a family trying to regain momentum.  I will admit it.  I am the poster child of hope.  This morning's 'sudden' snow reminded me of a few things.  Life comes with Suddenly moments.  Can you weather the storms?  

The landscape was completely green 24 hours ago.  And then suddenly... a twist, a turn, a storm.  Will you be able to stand?

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