The Thrill of Catching Your Kids Creating


I have always been fascinated by people who take on photo projects.  I have wondered how they come up with the ideas and then how do they make sure and stay diligent about completing the project.  

About halfway through our time living in Germany back in 2010 I realized that I could have done a whole series on doors.  Particularly how, every time my girl saw a door, she could not help but go and try to open the door!  When I finally caught on to what she was doing, we had already been through visits to France, Portugal, Spain.... oh how I ache for those pictures now!

So in the last few months, I noticed that during quiet moments I see my girl either drawing or writing something down and I thought THIS TIME I am paying attention.  I think one of the things that can hold you back is that you think maybe you will not get enough pictures for it to matter; to 'FEEL' like a project.  But I am fearlessly taking the leap.

Is there a little something you need to take the leap toward this day?

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