An Awakening

a view from my living room window in Colorado this week

Have you had an experience that awakened a desire to uncover what inspires your creativity?*

I have always assumed that my son's creative talent came from his father, my sister, my brother.  Though I loved to write, everything else seemed Off Limits to me.  I cannot seem to figure out when I settled into that idea.  Maybe it is simply those roles we choose to take so that we understand where the boundaries are.  I assume that early on in my life I got into the comparison game with family members and just chose to be content with that.

I think my first inklings that maybe I could change my identity in this area was in 2008 when I took a beginner drawing class at a local woman's center.  The first assignment was to draw a piece a fruit.  I chose a pear.  The instructor gave us some instruction on shading techniques and away I went.  And I actually loved the finished product.  There were others in the class who clearly captured the likeness better than I did but there was something else going on for me.  Something about trying it seeing that I was able to draw something that resembled what I wanted to see on the page.  I had experience with that with words.  suddenly I am experiencing this with pencil/paint.  I had pushed passed the barrier that drawing was for others. 

*Question comes from Inner Excavation by Liz Lamoreux 

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