Artist Interview: Jodi Ulschmid

Name: Jodi Ulschmid
Name of Business: Enduring Arts
Creative Influences: God, my daughter, experiences, photographs, other artists
Preferred Medium of Creativity: pencil drawing, acrylic painting and digital design

Brief Bio
I have had a love for art as long as I can remember. I did a few commissioned drawings
through high school and college, but it wasn’t until after having my daughter that I
realized how much fine art really meant to me. After her birth I learned I could share
God’s word with others through my work. Creating art has been a way I can serve Him.

Etsy Shop

What is one of your earliest creative memories?
I was/am lucky to have a creative mother. When I was little it seemed like she knew how
to make anything whether it was in the kitchen, on her sewing machine or on the canvas.
She exposed by brother and I to several things and a few of my favorites were making
homemade playdough, making and decorating gingerbread men and houses and doing
lots of drawing and coloring.

How did you find your creative voice?
Art was always the one thing I really enjoyed doing. My style has definitely grown
over the years. My views on my own work has changed in that I want a purpose in
everything I do. There has to be some kind of story behind my work. You can say I’m
still experimenting with my creative voice.
If you had a creative hiatus, what event/circumstance brought you back to your
creative lifestyle?

I probably didn’t have the smoothest transition, but looking back I can see how God had
a purpose in all of it. After college I had a couple jobs that had nothing to do with art
or design. My savings account was draining quickly so I was willing to do just about
anything. One job I got was working as a maid in a motel... ha, ha, it was awful, but
I certainly learned appreciation from it! When I did get a design job for a corporate
company I was happy for quite awhile. My co-workers who saw my artwork kept asking
why I was working there though and that started making my mind wander. Then I was
blessed with a beautiful daughter who showed me a whole new meaning to life and how
fast it goes by. With a wonderful and supportive husband I went back to work part time
so I could be with her more often and start my own business. It was my hubby who
pushed me into opening an etsy shop and boy am I thankful for that! All the experiences
showed me where my heart is.

 How has GOD been a part of your creative process/lifestyle?
I didn’t realize how much God loved us until after having my girl. My faith really grew
after that. One of my first creations was a bedtime prayer for her room. Then I thought
maybe there were other moms who would like prayers for their little one’s rooms as well.
I made a few other verses and was excited when others really liked them.

Is there a particular moment where your creativity became infused into a spiritual

Like everyone’s journey, there are always some hard times... another one of those
learning experiences you could say. Dealing with secondary infertility and Graves
Disease has rocked my world. Treatment has not gone as expected. I finally found a new
doctor who is helping me feel better again but it has been a roller coaster ride for the last
2 years. It has been God’s word and using the talent He blessed me with that keeps my
spirit up. Creating art has given me a sense of peace that I have needed.

 What are you working on currently?
Currently I am working on combining dreamy pencil drawings with pops of color (paint).
All the elements put into my work have a special meaning to me. I’m hoping others will
enjoy these new pieces as well. I have no idea what will come of it but it is exciting!

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