Clear your Head Take a Walk Breathe in More Life

This is one of the exercises offered in Liz Lamoreaus's book Inner Excavation  where you simply take a walk and record what you see.  In light of our soon departure from Colorado in the next few months I definitely wanted to make a point of doing this. I feel heartsick sometimes about how much I DID NOT document during my 7 months in Germany.  Particularly this one little road that my daughter and I walked almost daily.  We would stop and bleat at the sheep.  We would walk to the pond and feed the ducks.  There was this little ice cream shack that we would sit and have a treat from  - none of these things have a photograph for me to look back on.

So when I tell people how remote the space was we lived in, I do not think I can ever really truly show them.  So THIS TIME I have proof.  Yes we live in a town with a marshal's office.

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