Scenes From a Coffee Shoppe

Every Saturday morning since the beginning of the year I have had this ritual where I take my girl to a drama class where she is learning scenes from the movie Mary Poppins and then I scoot down the road to sit in a coffee shop.  This has been such a soulful Saturday morning ritual.  I am sad to say this routine will end this week with the final class and official production taking the stage.  

I have taken my copy of Inner Excavation every week along with my lessons from the Hello Soul Hello Business e-course I am currently a part of.  But those first few minutes with my coffee cup and the comfy chair have been just what I need.  If any of you have followed my blogging excursions through the years you know that I have experienced large amounts of solitude in my life.  I am yet again in one of those settings and I am becoming weary.  The e-courses and the artist books have helped me stay connected to the realities that life occurs in seasons and soon I will be on the other side of this.  So in one sense I am sad about this little oasis ending but in another sense it marks the calendar as just a few more weeks until we can move close to friends and connection.

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