Sparkle Through the Struggle

Funny how circumstances can really paralyze the desire to look for hope in your surroundings.  I was feeling that way this week.  Noticing that I do not really take many pictures anymore.  Wondering how much I am missing because I am stuck in the mindset of  "when things get better, I will..."

The whole point of life is to find joy, find peace, find sparkle in the MIDST of whatever is going on.  I know this. You know this.  But sometimes I need an activity to jump start that reminder.  So I decided to create new category on the blog: "Sparkle in the Struggle" referring to the challenges of life whether it is incredibly intense or incredibly mundane.  

I walked around my house and I snapped some of my favorite things:
  • an old blue typewriter I found at a thrift in Longmont Colorado
  • a dress form wall piece that I coupled with a butterfly mirror I found at a store called Ross
  • the door to my daughter's room that has pictures from an old calendar of my FIRST favorite mixed media artist: Curly Girl Designs
  • My daughter's St. Patrick's Day outfit she put together very thoughtfully

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