Letting Go of the Destination

 Some of the biggest issues I am needing to let go of taking this art journaling class is the format.  I would prefer someone to give me a project and help me to know which colors blend together well.  There are certain color pallets that I gravitate to which of course showed up in this first journal page.  But I want to get out of my comfort zone with this and move into colors that I would not normally bring together but know that when I see them I love the look and the feel of them.

Right now I am just fiddling with technique. And even in that I am finding out things about myself.  Things like simply having a page that I have techniques all over must be turned into SOMETHING.  The time it took to prep the book and the fight I have to battle in order to get 20 minutes to even focus on the class... well again I am reminded of something I already know about myself: I am results oriented.

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