Take A Walk Through Your Life and Take Your Camera with You

I just completed the assignment from Liz Lamoreux's book Inner Excavation to take a walk.  For me with the cold weather, I reinterpreted it to mean to take a walk in my life.  And my life is filled with my girl.  Even at 6 years old and full day kindergarten, I am still quite an integral part in her life.  For most of the last seven months I have spent quite a bit of energy just normalizing life for her.  My hubby came home after almost three years away and he is still learning to adjust to civilian life.  Add to this, our big move to Colorado where a support system has never really materialized in this mountain town.  Plus seven months of unemployment for my husband has all of us fighting to stay positive.

My role - which I take very seriously - is to build hope around my girl no matter what.  I remember when I was young and not having much.  I remember being teased for wearing the wrong clothes.  I had the added bonus of being a mixed kid in the 1970s and it was not as cool as it is (in some places) now.  I will confess we are not living in a town where it is "cool" and I am in disbelief about it.  But such is life and I will find a way to hope in the midst of my circumstances.

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