A Day in the Life...

It is 2012.   I feel like I need to have my creative space back online for me to explore where I am heading.  I have spent the last few years blogging about my business adventures on my blogs and as a guest on other blogs.  In 2011 I transitioned to devoting my blogging time solely to highlighting other Christian artists. But I was drawn back into tbe journey again by the Lovely Liz Lamoreux, author of the Book "Inner Excavation" and though I had completed a portion of the exercises before, I felt it was time to start again. With fresh eyes.

My mornings are filled with washing the previous day's dishes. I wash them by hand because our rental does not have a dishwasher.  Most mornings (when I am lucky) some journalling and reflection time occurs.  I just recently came back to writing in a physical journal about six months ago. I tend to do that in transition times to help me feel like I have some semblance of control of my situation.  I find that as I write I can purge the fear and open up to hope for a new day.

 I make it a point everyday to go into my "lady cave" and do a little doodling or crocheting or anything in between.  This is a therapeutic lifeline for me.

This particular "day" is during Christmas break.  At least once a day my girl and I have some sort of crafty time together.  We either work on a project or we work side by side on separate projects.  I LOVE that she enjoys this.

A new thing I tried towards the end of 2011 is zumba.  So funny that quite a few friends wanted me to try it before now but I "thought" I would be too uncoordinated.  But an investment in a Groupon when I first came to Green Mountain Falls, CO and what do you know? Another avenue that GOD has provided for me to release pent up stress.  This definitely was the catalyst for picking my word for 2012: DANCE

I am preparing eggs for tuna fish sandwiches. It is about 12:30pm.  I am recognizing as I reflect on these few pictures how FULL my life is.  The stress is definitely there. As I type this, we have been in Colorado for five months and my husband still has not been able to find a job.  We have learned to pray the Lord's prayer in a more meaningful way: Give us THIS DAY our daily bread.  And GOD has been faithful.

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