Artist Interview: April McCay

Name: april mccay
Name of business:Spread the Word 411
Preferred Medium of Creativity: anything metal

Brief Bio: My name is April McCay and I enjoy being creative. I currently specialize in handstamped and etched copper jewelry, mostly cuffs. I wanted something creative for my business name that combined what I do with what I believe in. Thus came Spread the Word. To me this title has two meanings: one I stamp words on copper jewelry and two, I believe we should spread the Word about Jesus to others. I know Jesus created me to be creative and I want to share it with others. 

 My earliest creative memories were spent learning how to make potholders with my grandparents. It was so much fun learning on that loom to make those things. I still have several my grandpa made. Then as I got older I enjoyed drawing, writing, and photography. I have been making copper/aluminum cuffs for almost a year now. I kinda just stumbled into it and discovered a passion to write inspirational verses and quotes (whatever my heart desires). I always been better at writing down what I want to express as opposed to actually verbalizing it.  Plus as an added bonus, my husband has been creating a few pieces too!  It is fun working together.  We have been together for 19 years and I love him more each day!
From early on, God has been such an inspiration to me. In each piece I discover something new He reveals to me. He is what my life is all about. I wouldn't be where I am today without Him. It's hard not to be inspired by Him. Just look at all He has created. Even in the darkest places He has made something beautiful, we just have to see His light shine.

One thing that ushers me into a place of worship is music. I have to have some type of Christian music playing all the time. I catch glimpses of phrases in each song that is filled with so much meaning. Take for instance, Building 426's newest song (which I just have to get that cd, soon) "Where I Belong."  The chorus starts out, "take this world and give me Jesus" (you just have to hear it).  But the line that grabs my heartstrings each time is "I've got this blessed assurance holding me."  How great is that! Jesus is that blessed assurance and He's holding me.

Favorite quotes: 
(pretty much anything Mother Teresa or Corrie Ten Boom)
Corrie Ten Boom: "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God"
Mother Teresa: "Do ordinary things with extraordinary love"

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