Looking for a Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach?

Life Coaching is different from counseling.  

In Christian circles, you may have heard this type of service described as "spiritual director" or "accountability partner" or "chaplain."

Counseling vs. Life Coach

As a life coach, I work WITH you from the very first session to gain clarity based on what is going on in this moment.  WE are discovering things together.  I walk with you at your pace and you discover what it means to 'trust the process.'

Sessions are 45 minutes long.  Homework is designed to help you work on SPECIFIC areas of change and growth you want to experience. I use art and other creative activities to help you birth your deepest knowings.

Life Coach 45 minute Zoom Call Session WOMEN ONLY Spiritual guidance direction help 

Everyone needs a safe space to find answers to the questions you are faced with.

I am here to help.

Via 45 minute Zoom sessions, you and I decide on a time and we create that atmosphere together.

Call it life coaching.
Call it spiritual direction.
Call it the time you have decided to set aside to FINALLY get out of your own way,

I have a "pay what you are able" option.


In the message section of the sale, list your time zone.
WOMEN ONLY please.


 Use your Creativity and your Faith in God to call you into a Deeply Satisfying Life

My focus is to help you to tap into your creative soul while learning to listen for God's voice and allowing Him to direct your journey.  Where you are RIGHT NOW is the PERFECT moment to say YES to what God is calling you into:

your deepest, most fulfilling life no matter what circumstance you find yourself.

The whispers in your heart are saying, "Time to begin..."

Which option is pulling at your soul?

Creativity and Faith in God WILL Help you to Feel More Joy in the midst of ANY Circumstance

Option 1:
Your Creative Peace: A Guide to Using your Creative Voice and Deepening Your Faith in God

13 Week Creativity Program that deepens your voice in Creativity and helps you commune more deeply with God.  

$9.99 ON Kindle: CLICK HERE
$14.95 IN Trade Paperback: CLICK HERE

Module 1: Find your Creative Voice
5 week (1hour) session package
 $150.00 + the cost of the book

Module 2: The Psalms and your Creative Practice
4 week (1 hour) session package
$120.00 + the cost of the book

 Module 3: How to Collaborate Effectively
4 week (1 hour) session package
$120.00 + the cost of the book

All 13 (1 hour session) weeks:
$375.00 + the cost of the book

Option 2:
Writer Girl: 42 Days of Exercises to Deepen your Faith in your Ability and Your Purpose for Writing

$4.99 ON Kindle: CLICK HERE
$6.95 IN Trade Paperback: CLICK HERE

Module 1: Find and Deepen your Writing voice
5 week (1hour) session package
 $150.00 + the cost of the book

Option 3:
Spark and Inspire: 30 Days of Meaningful Insight to Spark your Business and Inspire your Soul

 Spark and Inspire is a 30 day coaching program for creative entrepreneurs who have a business or who are thinking about starting a business that fuels your soul.  This program offers you a 30 day diagnostic to deepen the soul of your business/business idea.  41 creatives share business advice through 30 thought provoking questions.

$4.99 ON Kindle: CLICK HERE
$10.00 IN Trade Paperback: CLICK HERE

Option #4: Jam Session for your Writing

What's a Jam Session?

You are ready to get serious about your writing goals. You have been reading books, you have been taking classes and e-course.  You just want to have someone take a look at your blog and give you an assessment of how you are doing with your work and what direction you want to take.  

Am I a good candidate for a Jam Session?

Here are some ideal candidates for a jam session:

- you have a blog or you are considering starting a blog
-you want to get a clear sense on what direction to take your writing
- you want to move into self publishing through a book or e-book
-you want to see a solid progression in the type of writing work you are producing
-you want to grow your writing audience

What will I do for YOU?

1. I will take a look at your blog (if applicable)
2. I will send you a questionnaire to prep you for our skype session
3. I will help you to develop an action plan for 1 month/6 months/1 year
4. I will send you a report of the discussion

Why work with Me?

$25 for a 40 minute session

$40 for session + copy of the book "Writer Girl"

Subsequent sessions are $25 for 30 minutes

If you would like to work one on one, 
contact Robin Norgren at 


I am pleased to offer women's sacred circles.  We come together in groups of 6 and walk through a process of defining and deepening our core selves and nurturing one another to shine your unique life in the world.  
Connect with me if you are interested in applying.

Refund Policy
No refunds are offered.  Feel free to read through my blog here and here, buy my books on Etsy or your Kindle, or check out my YouTube channel so that you have a sense of my style, mannerisms and approach.  Or I would be happy to chat via Skype or Zoom.

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