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What is a Chaplain?

Chaplaincy is different from counseling.  

In Christian circles, you may have heard this type of service described as "spiritual director" or "accountability partner."

Counseling vs. Chaplaincy

As a chaplain, I work WITH you from the very first session to gain clarity based on what is going on in this moment.  WE are discovering things together.  I walk with you at your pace and you discover what it means to 'trust the process.'

Sessions are an hour long.  Homework is designed to help you work on SPECIFIC areas of change and growth you want to experience. I use art and other creative activities to help you birth your deepest knowings.

1 Session - $75.00


I am pleased to offer women's sacred circles.  We come together in groups of 6 and walk through a process of defining and deepening our core selves and nurturing one another to shine your unique life in the world.  

My next 3 circles start this June 2017 - Connect with me if you are interested in applying.

Refund Policy
No refunds are offered.  Feel free to read through my blog here and here, buy my books on Etsy or your Kindle, or check out my YouTube channel so that you have a sense of my style, mannerisms and approach.  Or I would be happy to chat via Skype or Zoom.

                              Telephone: 480-703-4872

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